French Cooking Classes French Cuisine Cooking Program
and Gourmet Guided Tours

Languedoc, South of France
Near Beziers, Montpellier, Narbonne & Carcassonne

Barcelona & Toulouse 2 hours drive

All cities close to airport and train

What better place than the kitchen of an authentic native to learn how to prepare and appreciate true French Cuisine ?

At the Château de Quarante, Nicole, French born and raised on local recipes finely honed over several generations, opens wide her kitchen doors and invites you to discover old family recipes as well as Chefs' secrets she has incorporated in her gourmet cuisine with a new personal twist. As brilliant sous-chef, Klaus has tricks of his own to share with you. You can't shake a stick at his dressings, sauces and boning techniques . . .

Family meals, elegant buffets, creative brunches and spectacular desserts or gourmet picnics, French cooking is truly an ever changing daily celebration of life!

In that spirit, we invite you to discover a few facets of our French cuisine as we know it and savor it every day.

What we propose is to mix adventurous treks through open and covered markets with visits to small individual producers leaving plenty of time for cooking demonstrations with "hands on" experimenting and the pleasure to savor gourmet meals while discussing newly discovered recipes you can fix at home.

Every day chock-full of culinary experiments and mouth watering experiences, our timetable is nevertheless flexible, and, like everything else in Southern France, slow paced and very easy going.

  • Excursions to discover and sample regional products which smell and sing Mediterranean Cuisine: goat cheese, honey, olive oil, seafood and others, not to forget superb wines and not compulsory but strongly recommended wine tasting. Each intriguing visit planned to incorporate wonderful sightseeing along the way.
  • Cooking Demonstrations to learn simple but spectacular tricks of the trade in food preparation and presentation. A real 'show & tell' to find out about original ingredient combinations and basic but unusual cooking techniques. Find out about homemade vinaigrette, learn about quick persillade, master vegetable terrines, whip up veloutes and tackle paupiettes! Enthusiastic participation encouraged to help mess up the kitchen during your creative collaboration!
  • Gourmet Meals planned around Languedoc's rich traditions to gauge your own progress (under friendly supervision) and to enjoy your host's personal interpretations and creations: come on, nibble on our goat cheese pizzounes, savor our delicate lamb Blanquette & indulge in our pears poached in Champagne!
  • Dig into our hearty Bouillabaisse, sample our aromatic terrines, let yourself be intrigued by our stuffed calamari medallions, or fall on love with our elegant smoked salmon rolls! You will have to succumb to our succulent spicy turkey roast...

    Grab a loaf of crusty French bread and some Languedoc wine! It does not get any better!

    Come into our kitchen and discover what Languedoc Cuisine can put on your plate... You won't believe your taste buds!


    • Late afternoon pick up in Béziers on Day 1
    • Accommodations at the Château de Quarante (based on double occupancy)
    • Daily Continental Breakfast
    • Daily Gourmet Dinner (Beverages not included)
    • Lunch on Days 2, 3 & 4 (Beverages not included)
    • Cooking Sessions & Field Trips (including transportation) on Days 2, 3 & 4
    • Morning Drop off in Béziers on Day 5
    • A Customized Combo Package incorporating Cooking, Wine Tasting and Sightseeing can be organized

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    Nicole and Klaus Neukirch

    Château de Quarante
    34310 Quarante
    Tel: +33 4 67 89 40 41
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